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February 18, 2008
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Counting sheep, sounds boring doesn't it. It is, don't even try it.

No seriously, we think the simplest games are always the most fun. The first few levels are just to get you used to the gameplay, but a few levels in you'll find yourself barely able to keep up. Have fun, and don't forget to blink.

Programmed by Nicholas Barrios
Art by Kevin Barrios (Buzzwerd)
Music by Stephanie Fung

Sponsored by Armor Games.
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eldris Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Highscores don't seem to be working :(

Very fun game. Simple idea but so well done! I love the sheep that pop up/down, they're cute!

I somehow managed to get to level 33 :dead:
buzzwerd Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2009  Professional Artist
hmm not sure why that would be. it's a pretty old game now, they might of gone down :\
Solitude12 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2009  Professional General Artist
Crazy addicting and ridiculous to keep up with towards the end.. GUESSING NUMBERS YAY! XD
kliekie Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
whaaaa! after lvl 26 it became too much x.X man those are ALOT of sheeps... O.O;
buzzwerd Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2009  Professional Artist
lol yeah, it gets intense
axcho Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2008
Wow. That is one clever idea for a game. I would never have thought of it. Not much in the way of conventional interactivity, but still engaging. :)

Slick presentation as always. (How do you do it?) Strangely enough, this art is pretty close to what I imagined in one of my very first game ideas ever.
buzzwerd Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2008  Professional Artist
Sweet. The art was just meant to be super simple.. and that's basically what it is, with a touch of bad animation :)
Japanfanzz Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Whoaaa! Sheep jumping everywhere!! ><
Quick! wake up!
Good game! ^^
buzzwerd Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2008  Professional Artist
lol thanks :B
Sitruunasooda Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2008
We played this with my big brother and then a SUPER FAST flying sheep appeared and then we both started laughing out loud :'D Then we "woke up". Boohoo.

The sheep are cute. And the background is nice. But one guy named Kim said that those vertical boards of the fence are too sharp, that if a sheep wasn't capable to jump over the fence it would get hurt :/ lol

This was really entertaining game, simple and fun at the same time, thanks. (: (So was that one with the toaster, To-Suta was it? : D) Though I got all messed up in counting most of the time :<
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